About us


To be the preferred supplier, to all our customers, current and prospective, with regards there diamond product needs and requirements. We will, with integrity, supply our customers, current and prospective, with cost effective, superior quality diamond products, which will offer all our customers the best value product for their money. We will show loyalty towards all our customers, current and prospective, by being service orientated and leaders/innovators in technology within the diamond product industry.

Company History

Sladden & Milne industrial supply was formed in 1967 as a mining and industrial supply company. Through the years we sold diamond products sourced from various local manufacturers as well as manufacturing our own diamond products. After years of research and development we joined forces with a U.K based company, who started manufacturing diamond products for Sladden & Milne, using what we had learned through out the years, to be distributed through out Sub - Saharan Africa.

In January 2001, after extensive testing, we launched the "AVANCER " range of diamond products into the South African market. We have since then introduced more products as our market share grew. They are as follows:

  • Blade BoringService Images
  • RED DEVIL diamond blades
  • EURO-CUT diamond blades
  • Floor Grinding Wedges
  • 250mm Floor grinding discs
  • Wet and Dry core barrels
  • Wall Saws
  • Granite Diamond Blades
  • Granite polishing pads