Products ImagesVacuum brazing

Vacuum brazing allows diamond particle to protrude up to 3/4 out of the bond, much higher than that of sintering and electroplating, leaving better clearance on tools surface, significantly improving cutting efficiency and cooling. The actual vacuum brazing is undertaken in a closed cell in an inert atmosphere of Nitrogen.

Products ImagesDiamond sticking out of Vacuum Brazed Product. Vacuum Brazing creates a chemical bonding between diamond and matrix, permanently brazing the diamond to the substrate. The diamond crystal is retained on the tool in continuous cutting until totally wearing itself out. Therefore, the working life of the tools is highly increased over traditional tools.

Products ImagesInjury Free Diamond.

The breakthrough of vacuum brazing eliminates heat injury to diamond which often happens on traditional tools. It maintains the best chemical and physical performance of diamond and prevents it from any damage.

Products ImagesExtremely fast cutting nearly any kinds of materials, a perfect rescue blade for emergency applications and civil projects as well.

Products ImagesSilent Blade

A slient blade is a blade specifically designed to reduce the noise caused by cutting. Our new silent range reduces noise by upto 50%

Products ImagesTrident segment

The trident segment is our latest development in core drilling segments. This unique Turbo Wave design allows for faster penetrating speeds as well as better life when compared to conventional coring segments. These segments are available on our complete core drills or as loose segments for re tipping.

Products Images

Wet Core Segments

Wet Core segments is a crown segment is found on smaller wet core drills (10mm - 40mm)

Products Images


New AVANCER 350mm MATRIX Blade for Abrasive Materials First of its type in Africa. A New Generation of Diamond Tools. Delivers optimally customized patterns of diamonds for specific applications. Maximizes product consistency. Significantly improves both cutting speed and blade life. Enables cost-effective mass production.


size It is possible to bore out a blade to a larger size on most blades. We can also supply reducing rings to make a bore hole smaller. If you require an alternative bore size to the standard please let us know when you place your order.