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Company history

Sladden & Milne industrial supply was formed in 1967 as a mining and industrial supply company. Through the years we sold diamond products sourced from various local manufacturers as well as manufacturing our own diamond products.

After years of research and development we joined forces with a U.K based company, who started manufacturing diamond products for Sladden & Milne, using what we had learned through out the years, to be distributed through out Sub – Saharan Africa.

About Avancer

AVANCER is a French word meaning to ADVANCE or GO FORWARD. This is exactly what we at Sladden & Milne did in January of 2001 when we introduced the AVANCER range of Diamond products into the South African market.

We have since grown from strength to strength and have on the way become market leaders in most of the markets we sell in to. This was achieved by pure dedication, hard work, service excellence and continuously offering our customers the best products at the most competitive prices.

Whatever the type of environment, whatever the application, we are able to deliver the goods and support in partnership with our dedicated, trusted customers, wherever they are.

We truly offer high quality, cost effective products that offer total peace of mind, thus ensuring that we have built up a loyal following of customers who know that we care for their everyday Diamond products and are just a phone call away if needed.

We welcome all new customers, whilst at the same time thanking our existing clients for their continued support, loyalty and feedback, after all “Our success is your success”



Cost Effective

We offer the best value for money to our customers and ensure customer satisfaction


Superior Quality Diamond Blade Products

We truly offer premium quality products that offers peace of mind that has ensured a loyal following of customers in the past and would like to continue building a loyal following.


Best Quality Service

Our motto is: “our success is your success” and we have skilled and trained staff that can assist with anything in any enviroment.

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